Hankook Optimo H418
 Stock No : HANK-1003764
Last set of 4 Hankook Optimo H418The Optimo H418 is an H-rated, all-season tire that delivers the perfect balance of comfort and technical performance for today's touring sports cars and luxury performance sedans. While the solid central rib aids in handling, the high-angle diagonal grooves channel water away from the center. The interlocking shoulder rib ensures flexibility for wet traction and prevents irregular wear without compromising handling. The high kerf density across the tread adds cutting edges that improve grip on snow and ice, making the H418 the perfect choice for all conditions year-round. 215/65R15
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Sheppard Motors
Randy Green
 This is a new set of 4 tires with a manufacture date of 2005. Tires sold with no warranty
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